About us

Global Psychological utilizes positive organizational and educational psychology practices to improve the educational experience of special education students.

Our application of cognitive, neuroscience, and behavioral perspectives help improve learning processes.

We also provide operational and management services, evaluation, staffing, and general and special education programming services to nonprofits and government agencies. We believe in encouraging and supporting a culture of openness, trust, and integrity in all management and business practices, conducting all activities with the highest standards of ethics.

We facilitate individual and organizational growth by influencing, nurturing, and supporting a positive culture.

We help organizations overcome obstacles.

Global Psychological has realized success by continually monitoring and improving the performance, satisfaction, and well-being of our staff, along with those of our students. Our use of testing, measurement, research-based effective instructional practices, and personal and professional development help enhance educational lessons and outcomes. We help organizations overcome obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their strategic goals by focusing on the support of differences in cognitive development, learning style, motivation, and self-concept as they relate to improved learning. 

We have the tools, teams, and expertise to help you reach your objectives.